Quilt workshops and classes by Laurel Anderson a quilt teacher.

Whisper Color is the crafter’s and quilter’s creative haven, providing everything you need for beginning, continuing or finishing your beautiful project. In addition to a complete array of quilting patterns and supplies to aid and inspire you, Whisper Color also provides quilting workshops, quilting retreats and quilting classes. Fun new ideas, stunning completed quilts, fresh new patterns, fabrics, 3D appliqués and much, much more are always being added to the Whisper Color collection, bringing fantastic new beauty to a time-honored tradition.

Friends old and new gather with Whisper Color for quilting in Sacramento, CA, and surrounding areas to discover and share ideas, techniques, supplies, fabrics and more. Many expert quilting artisans share their skills through Whisper Color’s quilting seminars and workshops. Learn to master the delicate stitching, precise placements, intricate appliqué methods and time-saving shortcuts you always wondered about and learn to apply them to your very own quilted masterpiece.

Take a look at the latest patterns to get inspired for your next quilt and see the new 3D fabric designs to make your very own quilting hen helper. Explore more online and visit Whisper Color for exceptional creativity, conversation and company.