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The History of AppliquéBeaded Blackbirds

The lecture includes a short PowerPoint tour of the history of the quilting world and a longer personal appliqué history.

You will be shocked by the story of the invention of the sewing machine and enjoy viewing Laurel’s appliqué quilts.

Good news for Whisper Color quilt patterns!

April quilt pattern

I am happy to announce that a selection of my patterns are now available from E. E. Schenck. This makes it easier for quilt shops to order patterns while they order their fabric and notions. The patterns carried by E. E. Schenck are:

As the Quilt World Turns

End of Winter

I am fascinated by the variety of styles within the quilt world: Baltimore Album, Civil War, 1930’s, Amish, Art quilts, Cute quilts, Landscape quilts, Hawaiian, Traditional, Modern. These are just a few of the different recognizable styles of quilts and more are emerging every year. It is wonderful to be a part of this growing and changing creative field. Every time I visit a quilt show I see something new and astounding. It is very inspiring.
I attended a panel lecture for those who want to be published. It was in the middle of process of producing my book; Applique Workshop for C&T Publishing. I looked around me and the audience was predominantly white haired. It set me to thinking. Most quilt books are aimed at the average quilter who is about 62 years old and has 5 or more years of quilting experience. There are books with cute quilts for kids and art quilts, but the largest category of design style is aimed at the older female. My first book was and my second will be. My third and fourth book ideas are inspired by the students in my design classes at the local junior college.  They grew up with computers and are comfortable designing with computer programs to create art in an emotional and energetic style. I would like to add some of their design style to my quilt world. For a while I have been worried that quilting would go the way of macramé, latch hooking and cross stitch. They were once very popular and then one year no one was selling new patterns and the shows closed. I now see that quilting will rarely go through a 1950-1960’s downturn of popularity, especially if we teach quilting to our children and young adults. I learned to quilt when my boys finally started school. I was experienced at crochet, latch hooking, cross stitch, needle point, embroidery, garment sewing, stained glass and tatting. I love learning new skills so it only took 3 quilts to get me hooked on quilting.  But so many of quilting’s brightest lights are grey haired. I still pay a hair stylist to keep me out of that category. But I want the creativity of the quilt world to survive me and my generation and that requires sharing my enthusiasm for designing and teaching.


Houston Quilt Festival has a classroom with sewing machines dedicated to the Modern Quilter. I am lucky to be teaching there the beginning of November. Check back for more details.


Quilt Ideas

Early Amaryllis drawing
Early Amaryllis drawing

Do you design your own quilts? Have you ever wanted to? I used to draw out my ideas on large sheets of paper. But this involved lots of erasures and re-dos. I went back to school. The local junior college offers classes in Adobe Illustrator. I learned enough in my classes to do all I need to make great patterns. Illustrator makes vector drawings that can be resized easily. I can make endless revisions and save them with different titles. I can color them in, even add texture to imitate fabric. I like to color several final drawings in different color-ways to see if my value choices have enough contrast.

The finished drawings may be tiled as they are printed. Which means that they can be printed by my inkjet printer on multiple pages. I tape these together to create full sized patterns.

I am glad that I am not to old to learn new things.

The Winter Amaryllis quilt was a design I took to my quilting group. They all gave me their opinion and the end design was much better.

Thanks Helen, Nancy, Pat, Wini, Chris and Mary!

Winter Amaryllis Quilt
Winter Amaryllis Quilt