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The History of AppliquéBeaded Blackbirds

The lecture includes a short PowerPoint tour of the history of the quilting world and a longer personal appliqué history.

You will be shocked by the story of the invention of the sewing machine and enjoy viewing Laurel’s appliqué quilts.

Williamsburg, Virginia

I visited Williamsburg, Virginia over the week of Valentines day. I quickly realized that living in California has insulated my world from a depth of history that much of the East Coast enjoys. Colonial Williamsburg has docents in period costume explain the history and way of life.

Court Room, Williamsburg Virginia
Court Room
Carriage in Williamsburg
Carriage in Williamsburg

While touring the Governors’ Palace I was told that FABRIC was the way the colonists showed their wealth. Silk and brocade for garments and Persian chintz for bed coverings, wool carpets and silk shantung for the windows. All of the beautiful items imported at great expense.
I thought you would like to see the women’s bathroom in the visitor’s center.