I had the best time in Pine Grove California. For two days I taught the How to Cheat at Color class for the Sierra Gold quilt guild. We had time to enjoy the process of learning about color. What a warm, friendly group. Robert Kaufman Fabrics provided the solid fabrics, (we all say THANKS!) We ran out of oranges and need more peach, apricot, fuchsia and purples. There is a dark shade of avocado green that was all used, even the tiny scraps. My favorite exercise is the ugly color log cabin block. Each student chooses her least liked color and glues it into the center of a log cabin block. She then passes the page to the person behind her who adds coordinating fabrics. Very few students dislike the same color and the log cabin results are often spectacular.

ugly-color12  ugly-color11


ugly-color10  Ugly-color9


ugly-color8  ugly-color7


ugly-color6  ugly-color5


ugly-color4  Ugly-color3


Ugly-color2  Ugly-color1


ugly-color13  color-class5


color-class4  color-class3


color-class2  color-class1


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