Coloring Case

Coloring Case

Coloring case with flaps 

I loved the process of developing this Coloring Case pattern. It is designed with slots to store your coloring books and pens and pencils. It also has a zippered pocket for the pencil sharpener, eraser or Ipad and earbuds. If you turn the case inside-out you can latch the tabs so the case stands up giving easy access to all the pencils and pens. One of my favorite coloring books; Floribunda: A Flower Coloring Book is extra large, so I added to the pattern a larger case for the book and extra colors.

 Large Coloring Case

The large case has a shoulder strap for comfort and convenience. Find your pattern here: Coloring Case

Coloring Case Large

River City Quilt Guild Opportunity Quilt

River City

If you glanced through my web site you realize that I like to design appliqué quilts. I have more ideas than time. The local guild inspired me to design one for them. As usual, a design is simply a problem to be solved.


  1. The guild needs to make money by raffling off the quilt.
  2. The quilt needs to look great from across the room inviting people to get close enough to buy raffle tickets.
  3. The quilt must have sections that can be given to other quilters to stitch.
  4. The quilt should represent the Sacramento valley.
  5. The design must be approved by the quilt show chair for 2018.

The quilt show chair expressed a wish for a stained glass window quilt so I looked at the best for inspiration.


Louis Comfort Tiffany

The advantage to this design idea is there are a variety of shapes that can become quilt blocks for other guild members to stitch. I wanted to simplify the design so it wouldn’t be intimidating for those who are new to appliqué. I started with a mountain and a few hills. We can see the part of the Sierra range from town. I added the basics of a tree.


I worked with Korey Chase and Sandra Mollon the Quilt Show Chair and the Artistic Adviser until the design looked like this:

oak tree birds

There were many modifications and adjustments plus a few terrific group appliqué lessons lead by Sandra.

fabric-garden1  fabric-garden-2

Fabric Garden offered us their classroom for our first stitching session. The room was FULL! I was delighted.

Our next sewing session was at Meissner’s. Thank you to both venues for their generosity.

meisners-1  meisners3  meisners4  meisners2

Due to all the hard work we see results.


Several weeks later the sashing and borders are stitched and the quilt top is done except for stitching down a few birds.


The quilt is now with the long arm quilter. I can’t wait to see the results.


Good news for Whisper Color quilt patterns!

April quilt pattern

I am happy to announce that a selection of my patterns are now available from E. E. Schenck. This makes it easier for quilt shops to order patterns while they order their fabric and notions. The patterns carried by E. E. Schenck are:

How to Cheat at Color

I had the best time in Pine Grove California. For two days I taught the How to Cheat at Color class for the Sierra Gold quilt guild. We had time to enjoy the process of learning about color. What a warm, friendly group. Robert Kaufman Fabrics provided the solid fabrics, (we all say THANKS!) We ran out of oranges and need more peach, apricot, fuchsia and purples. There is a dark shade of avocado green that was all used, even the tiny scraps. My favorite exercise is the ugly color log cabin block. Each student chooses her least liked color and glues it into the center of a log cabin block. She then passes the page to the person behind her who adds coordinating fabrics. Very few students dislike the same color and the log cabin results are often spectacular.

ugly-color12  ugly-color11


ugly-color10  Ugly-color9


ugly-color8  ugly-color7


ugly-color6  ugly-color5


ugly-color4  Ugly-color3


Ugly-color2  Ugly-color1


ugly-color13  color-class5


color-class4  color-class3


color-class2  color-class1


Bernina Teacher Program

My friend Kathy Kansier introduced me to the Bernina sales team at Fall Quilt Market and now I get the privilege of being part of the Bernina Teacher Program. The 830 is large and very talented. After carefully placing it in its new spot in the sun I tried out the simple sewing stitches. I learned how to adjust the tension and change the thread and fill a bobbin. All very different from my old Bernina. Of course I played with the embroidery tools. Yes, flowers and then the dragon. I love the dragon.
Signing for the Shipment Big Bernina BoxesThe Bernina gets to be in the sun,

Appliqué Academy 2

The Elly Sienkiewicz Appliqué Academy is really a remarkable event. Never before have I met a group of quilters that are afraid of nothing. No amount of complexity, curved piecing, Y seams or hand work raises their eyebrows. Well, OK, they are afraid of one thing. That their eye sight or arthritis will keep them from the appliqué that they love. I long to return.

Display of Laurel's Quilts at the Dessert Reception
Display of Laurel’s Quilts at the Dessert Reception


Ann Holmes
Ann Holmes
Leslie Hickland
Leslie Hickland

Appliqué Academy

The Elly Sienkiewicz Appliqué Academy is held in beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia. I attended as an Artist in Residence. For months I prepared for my trip. Elly Sienkiewicz creates lovely Baltimore Album quilts and teaches her patterns and techniques at the academy. While I would love to create a Baltimore Album quilt, I design and create appliqué patterns with more of a “California” style. Realism combined with fantasy. My Winter Amaryllis quilt was the inspiration for the French Door design I took to the Appliqué Academy. I wanted it to look like a warm, spring day. I started with open french doors and added a table with  flowers. Flowers are always a welcome addition to any quilt. But something was missing…

Oh, yes, add a cat. This cat is called Midnight and he approves of sunlight, quilts and any pile of fabric.

Floor pieced for quilt by Laurel Anderson Floor and window pieced for the French Door Quilt Background pieced tnto 3 sections for French Doors quilt French Door quilt mostly done French Doors quilt

Williamsburg, Virginia

I visited Williamsburg, Virginia over the week of Valentines day. I quickly realized that living in California has insulated my world from a depth of history that much of the East Coast enjoys. Colonial Williamsburg has docents in period costume explain the history and way of life.

Court Room, Williamsburg Virginia
Court Room
Carriage in Williamsburg
Carriage in Williamsburg

While touring the Governors’ Palace I was told that FABRIC was the way the colonists showed their wealth. Silk and brocade for garments and Persian chintz for bed coverings, wool carpets and silk shantung for the windows. All of the beautiful items imported at great expense.
I thought you would like to see the women’s bathroom in the visitor’s center.